Monday, November 8, 2010

102. A Word With the Readers

Our Place in the World was initiated 18 months ago in April 2009.

As an “ecosocialist journal,” it has provided information relevant to the history, theory and practice that is informed by socialism, evolutionary biology, Deep Ecology, and Big History.  The 101 posts so far provide information relevant to these fields or their intersection; they are listed in chronological order below with hyperlink for reference and easy access. I like to thank those who provided ideas, article, and comments to enrich and improve this journal. 

This agenda is more ambitious than the prevalent concepts of ecosocialism as they largely aim to fuse socialism (various trends in anarchism or Marxism) with ecology.  However, I am convinced that theories and practices forged up to the present are not sufficiently radical, that is, they do not go deep enough, to fully appreciate the pathology of the human condition and its ruinous impact on life on Earth.  

All readers are invited to submit information, articles, and comments relevant to the goals of Our Place in the World.  

Kamran Nayeri

  1. Introduction
  2. Ecocenterism vs. Anthropocenterism: An Historical Perspective
  3. The Eight Points of Deep Ecology
  4. Darwin’s Ecocenterism
  5. The Gaia Hypothesis
  6. Biodiversity
  7. Thinking Outside of the Box: The Potentials and Limits of the Human Mind
  8. On the Social Life of Animals
  9. Some Plants Recognize Family Members
  10. The Sophisticated Life of Plants
  11. Control of Nature and Invasive Species: The Case of the Asian Carp
  12. “Don’t Change the Climate, Change the System”
  13. Sea Slug: Half Animal, Half Plant
  14. Do Fish Feel Pain?
  15. Butterflies Reeling Under of Climate and Development
  16. Charles Darwin: More than the Origin
  17. “Avatar” Blues
  18. Past Decade Warmest on Record, NASA Data Show
  19. Higher Temperatures Can Worsen Climate Change
  20. On the 2010 Environmental Performance Index
  21. Wilder Weather Undermines Biodiversity
  22. Forests Are Found Responding to Climate Change, Shouldn't We
  23. Cuba Plans to Surround Towns with Organic Farms
  24. Cubans Debate Racism
  25. Granma Publishes Critical Viewpoints on "Privatization"
  26. The Year of the Tiger
  27. Organic Agriculture in Havana
  28. Warmer Weather Leads to Lower Crop Yield in the Tropic and Subtropic Areas
  29. The Origin of Domestication of Dogs
  30. UN Meeting Fails to Protect Bluefin Tuna and Polar Bear
  31. UN Meeting Refuses to Protect Sharks
  32. Artificial Nature: The Case of Exotic Pet Industry
  33. The Crisis of the U.S. Empire: Fascist Groups Find a Foothold
  34. Draft Universal Declaration of Mother Earth
  35. Cuba's Hurricane-hit Homes Get Eco-Friendly Rebuild
  36. Two Types of Dissent in Cuba
  37. What If the Tea Party Was Black?
  38. Document of the World People's Conference on Climate and Rights of Mother Earth
  39. How Chimpanzees Deal with Death
  40. Cuban Project to Surround Towns with Organic Farms Moves forward
  41. Cuba Rated Best Place to Be a Mother
  42. Cuba Joins International Campaign Against Homophobia
  43. Effects of Hurricane Katrina on Ecological and Human Health Assessed
  44. Federal Government Approves 27 New Off-Shore Drilling Projects in the Gulf after the BP Disaster
  45. New Zealand Plans to Mine on High Conservation Island Home to Pre-Historic Frogs
  46. Chris Jordan: An American Self-Portrait (Photographic Waste Art)
  47. Obama's Copenhagen Accord Misses the Promised 2 Degree Celsius Climate Target 
  48. Cuban Communist Party Paper Opens a Debate on the Economy
  49. On the British Petroleum's Ecological Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico
  50. A New, Superior Method of Calculating Greenhouse Gas Value of Ecosystems
  51. Cuban Dissidents Cheer Bill to End U.S. Travel Ban
  52. Earth and Moon Perhaps Formed Later than Previously Thought
  53. Loophole in Pledges Allow Rich Nations to Increase Greenhouse Emissions, UN Data Show
  54. Carbon Dioxide Is the Missing Link to Past Global Climate Changes
  55. Ecuador's Offer to Keep Its Oil in the Ground
  56. Corruption and the Danger of Counter Revolution in Cuba
  57. Human Hunters Might Have Caused Extinction of Woolly Mammoth and Saber-Toothed Cat
  58. Studies Predict Global Emissions Targets Will Lead to 4C (7F) Temperature Rise, Major Extinctions, Collapse of Greenland Ice Sheet
  59. Mumia Abu-Jamal on Ecocide
  60. Civil Libertarian Lawyer Lynn Stewart Resentenced to 10 Years
  61. Warmer Climate and Release of Carbon Dioxide by Inland Lakes
  62. New Hypothesis about Human Evolution and Human Affection for Other Animals
  63. "You can Fool People, But You Cannot Fool the Fish"
  64. Ecuador Wins Compensation for Not Drilling for Oil in Yasuni National Park
  65. Cubans Brace for "Reorganization" of Labor Force
  66. United National Antiwar Conference (UNAC), Major Advance for the Antiwar Movement
  67. The Iranian Revolution, Imperialism, and Fidel Castro
  68. Human Noise Pollution in Ocean Can Lead Fish Away from Good Habitats and Off to Their Death
  69. Animal Welfare Activists to Protest Bullfighting in Spain
  70. Disaster at the Top of the World
  71. Study Implicates Humans in Giant Turtle's Demise, 3,000 Years Age
  72. Fidel Castro Takes Blame for Prosecution of Gays in Cuba
  73. Animals in Captivity as Subjects of Medical Research
  74. Harmony with Nature
  75. The Rev. Lucius Walker Jr. Who defied U.S. Embargo of Cuba Died
  76. A Short Animation on Climate Change
  77. Invitation: Silvio Rodríguez on the Cuban Revolution
  78. Cuba Is Organizing a Formal Labor Market
  79. Granma Sheds Some Light on Cuba's New Economic Policy
  80. Carbon Trading: How It Works and Why It Is Controversial
  81. Billions Face Water Insecurity, Study Finds
  82. The Search for Other Living Planets
  83. The Other Debt Crisis: Climate Debt
  84. First Marine Census Completed, Revealing a World of Wonders, Commercial Destruction
  85. Plants Kick-Started Evolutionary Drama of Earth's Oxygenation
  86. Why Evolution of Animals Was Delayed By 2 Billion Years
  87. Evo Morales: Nature, Forests and Indigenous Peoples Are Not for Sale
  88. The Green Car Con (Electric Evasion)
  89. The Limits of Energy Efficiency
  90. The Outsiders: The Maasai of Kenya
  91. Carbon Dioxide Controls Earth's Temperature, New Modeling Study Shows
  92. Monarch Butterflies Use Medicinal Plants to Treat Offspring's Disease
  93. Americans' Knowledge of Climate Change
  94. Secret Iraq War Files Shed Light on Crimes of the Empire
  95. Commodification of Academic Research
  96. Cuba Announces New Tax Code for the Self-Employed
  97. Dramatic Climate Change Is Unpredictable
  98. Attempt to Regulate the Dog Breeding Industry in Missouri
  99. International Day of Action to Cancel Zapotillo Dam Project, November 10
  100. Coral Is Dying Near Site of BP Oil Spill
  101. Early Toolmaking and Human Evolution

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