Saturday, October 2, 2010

83. The Other Debt Crisis: Climate Debt

Bolivia has spearheaded a campaign to confront the climate change in the United Nations meetings.  It has also organized an international conference in April as an alternative venue for voices that were mostly sidelined or even barred from the UN meeting in Copenhagen last year.  Avi Lewis from Al Jazeera's Fault Lines traveled to Bolivia to explore its role in the climate change movement.  It is an informative show. Readers unfamiliar with the World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth may want to visit its website and may want to  read my analysis of the Copenhagen conference. 

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Al Jazeera
Fault Lines 

The climate crisis in Bolivia is not a headline or an abstraction - it is playing out in people's lives in real time. Melting glaciers are threatening the water supply of the country's two biggest cities. Increasing droughts and floods are playing havoc with agriculture.

So it is no surprise that in climate negotiations, Bolivia is emerging as a leader in the global south - advancing both radical solutions and analysis that make rich countries distinctly nervous.

On this edition of Fault Lines, Avi Lewis travels to Bolivia to explore the country's climate crusade from the inside. 

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