Tuesday, November 23, 2010

111. The Text of the Guidelines for Economic and Social Policy for Mass Discussion in Cuba

Raul Castro at 2nd Day of Seminar on Draft Party Program

Last week the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) released Guidelines for Economic and Social Policy, the key document for the Sixth Congress.  It contains 291 proposals regarding wide range of public life.  But the economic imperative dominates the document.  The document envisions new or expanded role for market forces in employment, housing, and foreign investment, something the leadership of the revolution had tried hard to avoid.  

In discussing the proposed market reforms, some of which are already underway, President Raúl Castro indicated that Cuba has "no alternative" but to embrace them (Miami Herald).  He also stated that mass participation will be a crucial element for the success of the Congress that will be held in April 2011(Cuban News Agency).  

So far two preparatory meetings of national leaders and experts have taken place. In the second "seminar" held November 16-18, 523 leaders and experts participated.  They will lead discussions of the document in mass meetings across Cuba.  Cuban news  (Escambray) reported extensive exchange of questions and answers between the members of the Sixth Party Congress Political and Economic Commission, which composed the draft program, and seminar participants. Issues discussed included the economic management system, macroeconomic policies, and foreign economic policy included in the document. Other issues discussed related to investment, science, technology and innovation. The meeting concluded with discussion of social policy.

I will post an English translation of the Guidelines for Economic and Social Policy as soon as one is available.
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