Thursday, February 28, 2019

3203. Farming Like We're Here to Stay

By Fernando Funes Monzote, March 26, 2017
Finca Mart visited by international organic farming enthusiasts. 

Editor's note:  Fernando R. Funes Monzote PhD. comes from a pioneering family of agroecologists and organic farming specialists. Both his parents spent their lives making the case for organic farming and agroecology in Cuba and helped reactionaries. After taking his Ph.D. in agroecology from a university in the Netherlands, Fernando Funes Monzote decided that he himself must become a farmer. After the 2006 agrarian reform law which gave 99-years title to use public farming land under cultivation, Fernando and his wife Claudia turned desolate farm outside of Havana into a thriving Finca Marta (named after Fernando's deceased mother) into a thriving agroecological organic farm. In this 44 minute keynote address at to the 35th annual NOFA Vermont winter conference in Burlington, Vermont, Fernando Funes shares his experience.

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