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2010. On the Occassion of the International Threatened Species Day

By Mongabay, September 7, 2015
September 7 is Threatened Species Day, a designation established by the Australian government to commemorate the death of the last remaining thylacine, better known as the Tasmanian tiger, at the Hobart Zoo in 1936. While the day is intended to focus on Australian species, which on average are much more highly endangered than species in other large countries, this year we’re highlighting a small selection of non-Australian species that are considered at risk of extinction globally.
The following pictures show threatened animals in a variety of sites around the world, including individuals in rescue centers, zoos, semi-wild habitats within protected areas, and the wild. All photos taken by Rhett A. Butler.
Morelet's tree frog or the Black-eyed tree frog (Agalychnis moreletii) from Central America is Critically Endangered.
Morelet’s tree frog or the Black-eyed tree frog (Agalychnis moreletii) from Central America is Critically Endangered.

The Micronesian kingfisher (Todirhamphus cinnamominus) is Extinct-in-the-Wild according to IUCN Red List.
The Kihansi spray toad was listed as Extinct-in-the-Wild until it was recently reintroduced into its native habitat in Tanzania after years of ex-situ conservation efforts. Photo taken at the Bronx Zoo, which is run by WCS.
A giant panda at the National Zoo in Washington, DC. The panda is listed as Endangered.
An Aruba island rattlesnake (Crotalus unicolor) at WCS’s Bronx Zoo. IUCN classifies this snake as Critically Endangered.
The Endangered Blue Iguana (Cyclura lewisi) from Grand Cayman.
The Golden lion tamarin ((Leontopithecus rosalia) from Brazil’s Atlantic Forest (Mata Atlantica) is listed as Endangered by IUCN.
Golden mantella from Madagascar is Critically Endangered.
The Malayan tiger (Panthera tigris jacksoni) is classified as Endangered by IUCN.
Mother Panamanian golden frog with green baby. This species is Extinct-in-the-Wild, according to IUCN.
The Electric blue gecko (Lygodactylus willoamsi) from Tanzania is Critically Endangered.
Black-and-white ruffed lemur is Critically Endangered.
The Endangered Hawaiian monk seal (Monachus schauinslandi).
The Lemur tree frog (Hylomantis lemur) is Critically Endangered.
The Ebony langur (Trachypithecus auratus) is Endangered.
Coquerel’s sifaka is classified as Endangered due to habitat loss in its native Madagascar.
An Endangered Borneo orangutan in Malaysia.
An Endangered snow leopard at the Bronx zoo.
The Hyacinth Macaw (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus) is Endangered.
The Ankarana sportive lemur (Lepilemur ankaranensis) from Madagascar is Endangered.
Young lowland gorilla in Gabon.
This white rhino (Ceratotherium simum) in South Africa is listed as Near Threatened.

The knobbed hornbill (Aceros cassidix) is Vulnerable, according to IUCN.

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