Friday, September 4, 2015

2000. Summary and Index for the Last 99 Posts

By Kamran Nayeri, September 4, 2015
Assistant Editor Lulu

Of the last 99 post 26 have addressed climate change of which five focused on climate policy questions.  12 posts dealt with capitalism, imperialism and income inequality. Special attention was given to the crisis in Greece with four posts. The Anthropocene and planetary crisis had 10 posts.  Ecological issues were addressed in eight posts. Seven posts were given to aspects of the Cuban revolution.  Animals, animal welfare and animal rights had seven points. There were four film and book reviews.  Last but not least there were two posts refuting Steven Pinker’s claim that hunter-gatherers were more violent than modern day (capitalist) civilization. 

The reader may have noticed that Our Place in the World (OPITW) has just passed the 300,000 “visits” mark.  A “visit” is any click on any post during the past six years of OPITW existence. There has been 1999 posts during this period. Thus, on average a post has received about 150 visits.  In the age of “information explosion” and short attention spans many of these visits have been of very short duration (they were accidental).  Still, some of the more substantial and longer posts have been read by hundreds and sometimes thousands of visitors. Here is the geographical list of countries where most readers are located in descending order: United States, Russia, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Ukraine, India, Australia and China.  

I began OPITW in April 2009 for self-clarification by recording some of my own readings and reflections on ecological socialism.  Gradually it drew attention from people who I knew or came to contact with. Thus, I began a more or less regular weekly “notes” to them. These “friends” have become occasional contributors to OPITW either by sending me third party articles or their own writings for possible publication.  I have published a large majority of them unless I found the material not relevant to our concern or subpar.  As I stated before OPITW is not responsible for points of view expressed in what it publishes. In fact, there are times when bourgeois points of view are included because they bear on issues of interest to OPITW. I have also published writings by others who I seriously disagree with and at times written criticism of them. OPITW is not a tribune for propaganda. It is a means of education. My hope is to provide as much information as possible for the reader to make up her own mind or at least be in a better position to look for further information to do so. 

Finally, OPITW does not discount the “socialist” part of “ecological socialism.” I am deeply interested in the crisis of world capitalism. Yet I feel that other sources provide coverage for these issues and that few others throw light on the ecological part of “ecological socialism” that OPITW does.  If in the future there will be more collaborators we can expand OPITW to cover more social issues.

Meanwhile, thank you all who have given me a hand in making OPITW useful to an increasing number of readers.  Please tell your co-fighters, friends, co-workers, fellow students and others about OPITW.  Consider sending me more material for OPITW and any suggestion for its improvement.

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