Sunday, July 29, 2012

862. Cuba: El Cabildo Cultural Center Is Closed Down

A performance at El Cabildo
By Cuba Central Newsblast, July 28, 2012

El Cabildo, a cultural center founded by Ulices Aquino, has been closed down, reports Penúltimos Días. The center was intended to provide a sort of Cuban-style Broadway or Cabaret, and was operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture. 

According to Penúltimos Días, Reuters reported that El Cabildo was able to pay its artists well, up to four times the average amount Cubans are paid. Subsequently, El Cabildo was shut down, with the Employment Director of the Municipality of Playa stating that the space is "subsidized by the government and the profits from the theater are kept for personal use, among other illegal acts." 

Espacio Laical published a statement on the issue, supporting the right to work and arguing that these cultural projects are important in creating new and dynamic spaces for public life. It goes on to say that those Cubans who have been involved in this issue are "good Cubans," who care about their country and even those who think differently than themselves, and who are not allied with the United States. El Cabildo was recently featured in a profile written by Reuters reporter Marc Frank. 

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