Friday, March 19, 2021

3485. Russian Cities Will Join International Caravan Against US Blockade of Cuba

By Radio Cadena Agramonte, March 18, 2021

More than 10 Russian cities will join with initiatives to the International Caravan against the US blockade of Cuba, on March 27, Lena Loshkina, coordinator of the action program in this country, assured today.

At the head of the Russian Committee to Fight for the Elimination of the Blockade on Cuba, the activist explained to Prensa Latina that if the weather permits that day, in the city of Zhukovsky , in the Moscow region, the aerostat with the image of the Commander Ernesto Che Guevara.

He recalled that his pilot, Igor Naimilov , has carried out this mission for years. In the basket appears a call for the lifting of the blockade on Cuba, a message that he shares in the various balloon festivals in Russia and other countries where he participates.

Loshkina said that members of the Venceremos Social Movement plan to hold protest actions in front of the US embassy in Moscow.

He reported that activists from the Committee and the Russian Society of Friendship with Cuba participated in activities in Saint Petersburg, Magnitogorsk , Lugansk , Donetsk, Tyumen , among other cities in the country.

Unfortunately, the bike race format is not available to us in Russia because of the level of the snow cover, he
commented, but indicated that society activists in Transnistria promised to hold a car race.

Loshkina urged those who cannot participate in direct action to support us this day with their activity on social media.

In this regard, he pointed out that both the Society and the Committee will do everything possible to transmit from Russia, through the Europe for Cuba channel, YouTube, details about the passage of the Caravan through the country and the world.

In addition to preparing the actions in Russia, Loshkina stressed that at the moment the Committee is helping the organizers of the Caravan, the Europa por Cuba channel, to promote this initiative among as many friends as possible in the world.

We are confident that the action will not only sound strong on all five continents, including Russia, but that it will actually make a tangible contribution to the fight against the genocidal blockade of the island of freedom, he stressed.

The Russian activist pointed out that people around the world must see with their own eyes that Cuba is not alone. 

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