Saturday, May 9, 2020

3361. Poetry: Listening to Trees

By Jamie K. Reaser, Patreon, April 2020
Photo and copyright by Fred Murphy

Listening to Trees

“Shhhh,” quiet now, I implore you. 

The trees have something to say 
and I want to listen.

I want to listen and remember the language
of trees, the one we shared when we were
young and ancient. The one not influenced 
by today’s weather. The one that pulses 
through animal skin and animal bones.

There are things that trees know 
that I have forgotten. You too? 
How do we lose touch with 
what is most vital?

Just look at them:
how they can stay, 
how they turn their wounds
into works of art, 
how they are kind to each other 
even when their branches tangle.

I think our humanity
depends on trees.

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