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3213. Poetry: The Humming

Photo: Kamran Nayeri
By Jamie K. Reaser, "Sacred Reciprocity: Courting the Beloved in Everyday Life," 2012-19 

The Humming
I’m learning that there are bonds
of holy union
that cannot be undone
by mere mortals.

Swans know of them,
and dogs,
and children under the age of five.
And every other being on this planet.
When did we stop regarding
every breath as sacred,
and every eye we look into
and every hand that brushes against
I saw the filaments dancing today,
the ones that criss-cross lifetimes
and geographies.
They were humming a tune that I
have heard before in the natal waters.
It has only one note.
That’s all it needs.
When you remember it,
you remember me.
When I remember it,
I remember you.
It’s really quite amazing that we have lost
our way…
Really, it is.
The hummingbird has been trying to remind
us of our origin
while we take pity on it for the lack
of a song.
Oh my Beloved:
How I have forsaken you
in the austerity of these hurried times.
Were it not for the touch of sunlight
on a cold winter’s day,
I might have forgotten the endlessness
of your reach.
Always the bindings that unite us are there,
across them flowing an abundance of grace
and urging.
Longing is the form of that urging.
It is no vapid pain,
but a life blood of sentiment
through which the Holy
feeds us on dreams.
It is the umbilicus of love,
and when it is cut,
I’ve come to learn,
something dies.
In the story of every fallen god
and every unlived life
there is this truth,
and a deafening silence.

© 2012-2019/Jamie K. Reaser
Published in "Sacred Reciprocity: Courting the Beloved in Everyday Life" 
Photo: (c) Jamie K. Reaser
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