Wednesday, November 25, 2015

2095. Thanksgiving in California: The Ban on Recreational and Commercial Bobcat Trapping Begins

By Endangered Earth, November 25, 2015
A juvenile bobcat
Here's something to be thankful for this week: On Friday, three days before bobcat trapping season had been scheduled to begin, a California state regulation banning both recreational and commercial trapping of these beautiful cats went into effect. The Center for Biological Diversity and local allies worked hard to bring the ban, voted into effect in August, into being.

From now on it's illegal to trap any bobcat, or sell or export bobcat fur or parts, anywhere in the state. Any holder of a trapping license who traps a bobcat by accident must immediately release it to the wild unharmed.

"This is a great moment," said Center Senior Counsel Brendan Cummings, who worked for the ban. "Fifteen years into the 21st century, state wildlife management has finally entered the 20th century."

Thanks to all of you who chipped in for this victory. Read more in the Los Angeles Times.

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