Thursday, January 22, 2015

1700. Summary and Index for the Last 99 posts

By Kamran Nayeri, January 21, 2015

From the inception of Our Place in the World, I wrote A Word with the Reader column every 99 posts.   My aim was to provide the reader a summary of the previous 99 posts and a hyperlink index to them for easy reference.  Also, I wanted to communicated with the reader on immediate issues facing the world or the part of it I happen to be aware of and concerned with at the time. 

This worked well for a time until I realized that my meager resources in production of OPITW delays posting important articles while I was busy writing the commentary.  A Word with the Reader column became the opposite of what I intend it to be—a ritual and hindrance for smoother production of OPITW mostly because of paucity of human resources not uncommon in emancipatory movements of our time. 

Stating with this column I am limiting the scope of A Word with the Reader to a summary of the previous 99 posts and hyperlink to them for easy reference. Whatever I provided in terms of analysis will appear as separate articles whenever I find the time to write them.  This change will ensure smoother production process for OPITW to make it more regular with up to 10 posts per week. 

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There were 18 posts about Cuba because of the Ebola crisis and Cuba’s leading role to address it and the announced agreement to normalize diplomatic relations between the two countries.  Global warming and climate change had 15 posts.  There were 8 posts each for ecocide and for animals, animal rights and animal abuse.  Capitalism, imperialism and war had 9 posts.  Zionist occupation of Palestine and oppression of Palestinian people had 5 post. 

Hyperlinks follow:

1687. President Raul Castro's Statement on the Agreement Reached with the United States to Establish Full Diplomatic Relations
1688. Citizens Revolt in Burkina Faso
1689. Climate Change: Catholicism and Communism
1690. A Climate Accord Based on Global Peer Pressure
1691. As US Media Awake to a ‘Nightmare’ Israel, NYT Brings Blumenthal in From the Cold
1692. President Raul Castro Addresses the Cuban Parliament about the Negotiated Agreement with the United States
1693. Normalization of U.S.-Cuban Relations Requires a Normalization of U.S. Conduct
1694. New Cuba-US Relations: Business over Politics
1695. The Cuban Five Are Free!
1696. Why I Won't Serve Israel
1697. World's Oldest Butchering Tools Gave Evolutionary Edge to Human Communication
1698. We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo!
1699. The Cuban Revolution and the Decline of the American Empire: Opportunities and Challenges, Part 1


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