Monday, July 29, 2013

1115. Urgent Appeal from Lynne Stewart

By Lynne Stewart, Justice for Lynne Stewart, July 25, 2013

To All:

By Now we will have filed papers which take us back into Federal Court in New York City to request that Judge Koeltl overturn the barbaric decision by the Bureau of Prisons and allow me to leave this empty loveless Prison and go home to People and Places familiar and beloved.   I certainly am sick enough--even my oncologist revised her prognosis down to 18 months now. 

However, my spirit remains undaunted and when I compare myself to other far worse off than I am--the Guantanamo and Pelican Bay prisoners, Marie Mason, Afra Siddiqui, Hugo
Yogi Pinell, those under death Penalty like Kevin Cooper, the remaining Angola
2, Ruchel Magee and my fellow New Yorkers Jalil, Sekou, Herman, Seth, David,
Abdul --let me stop before I choke up here... I know we MUST win my fight and
the struggle for all other political prisoners to be freed.  And then we must
struggle for all to be free in this country.

How much can we, the People, take?  Their austerity is barbaric cruelty with
food stamps gone and public housing unavailable, permanently.  How long can
the 1% continue to rule and the corporations call the shots?  There is so much
wrong but we are not allowed to despair since we have been given sight in this
land of the blind and hopeless and heartless,  So, that said, let's once again
get out there as often as needs be--for all the causes, for all the humanity.
for the future.  Forward, ever Forward !!


For a list of planned rallies see Justice for Lynne Stewart.  

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