Monday, December 13, 2010

128. Cuba: Guidelines for Economic and Social Policy (Unofficial English Translation)

A meeting in Cuba
Thanks to Marce Cameron (Australia-Cuba Friendship Society) and corrections by Paul Greene, we now have an English version of the central document for consideration of the sixth Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) in April 2011.  The Spanish original has been available for sale to the public for several weeks now.  Currently, the PCC leadership is organizing mass meetings of the membership, workers, and general public to discuss it.  At each meeting participants can offer criticism of or  amendment to the text. A consultive vote in taken at each meeting.

To view and download a PDF version of the English translation click here.  Please note that this translation is not checked by Our Place in the World against the original and the translator emphasizes that it is an UNOFFICIAL text.  

We make it available to assist non-Spanish speaking reader to get a sense of the content of this important document and can follow reports of the debate of its content better.  The original Spanish text can be found here.  


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