Thursday, February 17, 2011

203. How Do Lemurs Think?

Mother Lemur and Her Baby

Although I consider it unethical to confine and experiment on sentient beings even to satisfy scientific curiosity, I sometimes post articles or videos that can educate us about the intellectual and emotional life of other species in the hope to raise consciousness about their right to be free from human domination and exploitation.  Here is a CNN report on finding from researchers at the Duke Lemur Center on how lemurs think. The scientists at Duke are interested in lemurs because as early primates knowing how they think might give us clues about how human thought originated. The Duke Lemur Center believes that their experiment is an example of non-invasive research.  They feel that it an enrichment to the animal and  yields helpful information to the scientists.  To view the video click here. (Please excuse the commercial on CNN).


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